Flying Python Playground

Technology: Python

SolarWinds Challenge

Our track is playground targeted for any engineer interested in drone programming in Python. You don’t need to have real experience with drone programming, you don’t have to be a senior developer in Python. All you need is to be willing to play with flying objects, have algorithmic thinking and have at least basic experience with Python.

Track Details

SolarWinds purchased five Tello drones for this purpose. You will work with Tello SDK which allows you to control the drone using the ‘control, read and set’ commands instrumented from PC, MAC or Mobile devices through the Wi-Fi. Tello SDK also allows receiving a video stream from the drone equipped by HD camera.
There are plenty of challenges you can work on in 4 small groups (max 5 people per group). For inspiration, we’ve listed a few examples you can consider work on:

  • Take pictures from the drone and create panorama view
  • Use existing object recognition frameworks and count amount of objects in space (e.g. amount of people in the room, amount of cars on parking space,..)
  • Use existing object recognition frameworks and find a specific object in the room
  • Light painting or turtle graphic with drone
  • Synchronized flying/dancing with 2 drones

Requirements and basic pre-requisites:

  • Bring your own Win, Linux or MacOS machine 
  • Have one of IDE installed on your notebook
  • We will use GitHub as Version Control System, please have your account created
  • Have Python 3.7 installed on your machine
  • Have a look at Tello SDK and Python bindings 
  • Have a look at Tello video tutorial


Our technical facilitators Vlado Kopso and Dominik Jochec will help you with coding part when needed. They have basic experience with Tello SDK but plenty of experience with Python. Vlado and Dominik are those who will evaluate your project results at the end. Only one team can win and each team member in the winning team will be awarded by Tello drone.

Vlado Kopso

Vlado works as a Technical Test Lead at the Cloud division of SolarWinds. He leads the QA/Automation team there, writes automated tests in Python and coaches the development teams on the matters of testing and testability of their code.

Dominik Jochec

Dominik is a recent graduate, still teaching Python at FI MUNI. He works at the Cloud division of SolarWinds, writing test automation in Python. And recently, he’s trying to get into microservices development in Go.

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