Stock Market Simulator

Technology: C#

FNZ Challenge

There are lots of stock trading games which can people play online. They are fun to play and can be very educational, but – they take a long time to play.

So what if we wanted to play through a 10 year long investment horizon during one game night or over a weekend? What if we wanted to simulate stock market crashes, natural disasters or alien invasions? That’s right, we need to build our own game!

Track Details

You will no doubt encounter some fun engineering problems to solve while building the game, but our main focus is to introduce you to a world of finance and stock markets in an interesting way. And if you decide to take up our challenges you can also learn about some pretty crazy concepts, like selling stuff you don’t own (AKA “shorting”).

The track is suitable for pretty much anyone, all you need to know is a little bit of web development in .NET and basics of MS SQL. We recommend keeping your team size to 7 team members or less.

Our facilitators will be there to clarify requirements, help you understand the concepts, explain the finance terms and inner workings of a stock market, and help you with the coding part if needed.

What prizes can you win?

  • We would like to invite all members of the winning team to jump out of plane. That’s not a joke, you are going to SkyDive! With an experienced skydiving instructors you and your friends will clear your heads after hours of coding. See you in the sky!
  • You can also join us at FNZ Friday Beer, our beloved company evening for all employees and guests. You will get a chance to chat with our developers, enjoy good beer and later on check our offices in Brno. 

Requirements and basic pre-requisites:

  • Very basic knowledge of web development in .NET (you will need to build a website)
  • Your own device; anything that can run ASP.NET website and MS SQL database is fine by us
  • Please have a setup you’re comfortable with and can use efficiently in a team
  • You can’t go wrong with Visual Studio and SQL Server Express 
  • You can use any source control but we’d recommend GitHub, Bitbucket or similar


Peter Solar

Peter has worked as a .NET developer for financial and language services companies for more than 6 years. He focuses mainly on code quality, testability and software usability. Peter’s passion is education. He spends lots of time studying, attending conferences and meetups or experimenting with various new technologies. You can also meet him regularly giving lectures at Brno University of Technology.

Jakub Sycha

Currently works as a .NET developer at FNZ, making really cool FinTech stuff. Before that, he worked as a PHP dev and later a DevOps Engineer for the biggest electronics retailer in the UK. He also has some experience with Java and Go and except for his work machine, he uses Linux exclusively on all his devices…

Peter Korpel

Peter recently moved back from New Zealand to be a Dev Lead at FNZ in Brno. He works on a product which is responsible for Model Portfolio management and is trying to implement new micro services for it in .NET.

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