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CGI Challenge

How difficult do you think it is to deprecate people? Can you code receptionist, helpdesk, bartender or someone else? Would you mind to have a pleasant conversation with your favorite coffee machine? Here is your chance to give it a try!

Track Details

Design and create conversational assistant. Choose technology that you like, choose challenges that do not scare you. Solution should reflect what conversational assistants do: Help people find solutions to their questions (e.g. fix broken computer) or fulfill some tasks (e.g. order coffee).

Pick as many challenges as you can to get as many points as possible. Each challenge is graded on a scale 1 to 100. You can win prizes for separate challenges and for overall solution. There are no hard rules on the scoring – can you impress us?

Assistant logic – MANDATORY

Everybody should do this as it is prerequisite for the rest of challenges. Attend workshop to get some hints.

Come up with an approach to structure interaction with the assistant. Can you come up with better structure than decision tree? What features do you think would be useful if you wanted to support wide range of interactions? Can you handle angry users?

Web UI

Recommended tech is Angular/React but feel free to choose your favorite.

Create Web UI offering comfortable interaction with the assistant. Help users to get what they need as quickly and easily as possible.

Backend implementation

Serve the data to the UI. What if there are millions of interactions with images and videos? How well can your solution scale?

Voice interface

Up for a challenge? Can you handle voice interactions (say over phone line)? Can you demonstrate voice recognition and synthesis? What kinds of interactions can you support?

What prizes can you win?

  • Each member of the winning team will be awarded with JBL wireless earphones. Those are high quality audio headphones with elegant design.

Requirements and basic pre-requisites:

  • Bring your own Win, Linux or MacOS machine 
  • Have one of IDE installed on your notebook
  • We will use GitHub as Version Control System, please have your account created


Tono Wiedermann

Tono is senior system architect with more than 10 years of professional experience on commercial and open-source projects.

Igor Stehura

Igor joined CGI as a Software Engineer 3 years ago. He is working in banking sector as a Java Developer. Before that he was working for small czech company for state institutions. He likes learning new stuff, improving his programming skills and reading technical books.

Zdeněk Hladík

Zdeněk is a junior Software Developer with interest in Java and all modern features related to it.

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