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Red Hat and ENGETO Academy have prepared a series of interesting beginner challenges that will help you improve your skills with Python. Those challenges are best for Python beginners which have been learning Python for 3 – 12 months.

Is this track for you?

This track is for you if you’re new to programming and have spent at least 1 month learning Python and rather than applying knowledge you’re looking for more educational impulses. Tasks are designed to educate and expand your view within Python in a playful way.

If you’re worried that you would not know how to handle some of the tasks, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Throughout the hackathon you can ask mentors who will be happy to help you and guide you in the right direction.

You’ll also meet a whole bunch of new people who are on a similar Python level as you are. You can solve the tasks together and get a different perspective on the problem.

Track Details

You can choose from a variety of challenges that will help you to better understand Python. Challenges are made in an educational way. You will learn a lot of new things and ways of using Python.

Warm Up

A litte warm up never killed nobody. Get your brain ready with this set of simple tasks, where you can see the right solution. Then move to bigger challenges!

Birth number generator & validator

This task should help you with picking the right difficulty of tasks in this track. Solve it first and based on your feeling, choose the right category to start with!

Collecting emails

Your task will be to create a script that will be able to extract email from a given text.

Bulls & Cows

Here you will train your brain not only during creating this guessing game, but also when playing it! Write a program that would simulate Bulls and Cows.


Try to implement a game of Hangman! One player thinks of a word and the other tries to guess it by suggesting letters within a certain number of guesses.

Game of life

Try to implement the Game of Life. The game doesn’t involve any players. It evolves based on the initial state, requiring no further input.


Typespeed is a one-player game. The player tries to type words that are moving across the screen as fast as you can before hitting the other side.

Semantic difference

Yours task will be to create an advanced diff tool for Python that takes into consideration semantic differences of the Python code.

Chat app

Have you ever wondered how chat applications work? Now is your chance to create your own simple, or if you wish more advanced, implementation.

Your own idea

If you have a project in mind that interest you more than any of the previous, go for it! Your creativity shall be your limit.

Requirements and basic pre-requisites:

  • Bring your own Windows, Linux or MacOS machine 
  • Have one of IDE installed on your notebook (ideally PyCharm)
  • Have Python 3 installed on your machine

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